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Latest Podcast

Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #63
November 2022

FEATURE: This week Australian Tech regulation - What should be the regulations and who should be the regulators?

Latest CyberBeat News

Ombudsman report finds the Access and Assistance regime plagued with problems

23 November 2022
Governance, record-keeping and legislation faulty.

Tanya O’Carroll v Meta; Landmark case to stop Facebook spying on us

23 November 2022
Court asked to enforce unqualified “right to object” under GDPR

F.T.C Under Pressure to Ban ‘Unfair’ Online Manipulation of Kids

23 November 2022
Children advocacy groups ask regulators to prohibit online services from offering unpredictable rewards — a technique that slot machines use — to keep children online.

WhatsApp business chat to drive sales for Meta

23 November 2022
Meta said it would lay off 11,000 workers

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CyberBeat news #62 16 November 2022

This week NSW Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello talks with Malcolm about  the NSW digital identity card being proposed.

CyberBeat news #61 09 November 2022

Director IDs are being made mandatory, but do we have confidence in their Cybersecurity capabilities?

CyberBeat news #60 02 November 2022

Highlights from this year's NetThing 2022 forum - The internet conversation in Australia - with Ed Husic, Federal Minister for Industry and Science, and Vint Cerf, considered one of the founders of the internet.

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CyberBeat news #59 26 October 2022

This week award winning journalist Yaara Bou Melhem talks about her debut feature-length documentary, Unseen Skies, which interrogates the inner workings of mass surveillance, computer vision and artificial intelligence with visionary artist Trevor Paglen.

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