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Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #148
July 2024

FEATURE: Children’s Personal Photos Misused to Power AI Tools

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Hollywood Legends’ Voices to Narrate Texts: ElevenLabs and CMG Worldwide Partnership

12 July 2024
ElevenLabs new artificial intelligence (AI) app is attempting to bring deceased Hollywood legends like Judy Garland, James Dean, and Burt Reynolds to life.

Australian Government Partners with AWS on $2bn Classified Cloud Infrastructure Deal

12 July 2024
The TS Cloud is specially designed for Australian defence and national intelligence community agencies. They will use it to store, share and run detailed analysis of the country's classified data. This facility would increase Defence's communication networks' resilience and improve collaboration with the US.

From Floppy to Flashy: Japan finally unhooks its floppy disk obsession

12 July 2024
This discontinuation comes 13 years after the last floppy disks were produced in the country.

Meta threatens Australian again with a news ban

04 July 2024
The media bargaining war continues between Meta, the government and local media companies.

WA man allegedly sets up fake free wi-fi networks at Australian airports

04 July 2024
Investigations began in April after airline staff reported a dubious wifi network.

Did a robot just commit suicide?

04 July 2024
South Korean administrative officer robot throws itself down some stairs.

Car Sales by Dealers in U.S. and Canada Disrupted in Cyberattacks

27 June 2024
Dealers said that in some cases they were reverting to writing contracts by hand, or asking customers to wait a few days to take delivery of their vehicles.

Apple to delay launch of AI-powered features in Europe, blames EU tech rules

27 June 2024
Apple underscored its AI push earlier this month with new features and software enhancements for its iPhone and other devices to bolster sagging sales.

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Julian Assange is Free
CyberBeat news #147 | 05 July 2024

Julian Assanges' detention has come to an end, but the shadow it casts over journalism remains.

Heading Tax scams, and privacy
CyberBeat news #146 | 27 June 2024

How to  avoid some tax scams, and privacy recap.

Robodebt scandal sparks the watchdog's watchdog
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National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has some explaining to do about why it is not reopening an investigation into the notorious Robodebt scandal.

Microsoft violates children’s privacy?
CyberBeat news #144 | 13 June 2024

This week we check out a report by Australian advocacy group noybMicrosoft violates children’s privacy – but blames your local school’.

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