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Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #142
May 2024

FEATURE: Aussies can’t control how data brokers are spreading their personal information

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UK data watchdog wants reassurances from Microsoft

30 May 2024
Microsoft's forthcoming Copilot+ PCs can screenshot your laptop every few seconds and store encrypted snapshots locally.

Google finances cable system to directly link Perth to Africa

30 May 2024
Spanning from Kenya, zigzagging through several African nations, and concluding in the Google Cloud region in South Africa.

Cybercriminal expose biometric data linked to police in India

30 May 2024
The incident demonstrates the heightened risk of biometric data leaked online and potential misuse.

Are Zuckerberg and Musk the largest dictators?

30 May 2024
According to 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner - Philippines Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, “is a far smaller dictator compared to Mark Zuckerberg, and now let me throw in Elon Musk”.

Telstra to cut 2800 jobs

21 May 2024
Telecommunications giant slashes jobs and implements measures to charge customers more.

Digital ID gets $288m

21 May 2024
National Digital ID system set for expansion.

MediSecure data breach

21 May 2024
Scale of ransomware attack on electronic prescriptions provider remains unclear.

Microsoft's Emissions Spike 29%

21 May 2024
Microsoft releases its 2024 Sustainability Report.

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