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Latest Podcast

Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #48
August 2022

FEATURE: We talk to Dr Desmond, a former FBI Special Agent about how women in the US can protect themselves online (and offline) in light of the Roe vs Wade decision.

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Taiwan billboards hacked with anti-Nancy Pelosi messages

11 August 2022
6,000 7-Eleven stores were affected and hackers were using "sanctions and military threats" to warn Taiwan and try to humiliate Ms Pelosi

Covid pandemic increased shortsightedness in children

11 August 2022
New findings from Optometry Australia have revealed 97% of Australians are experiencing at least one eye related issue, raising concerns about the health and wellbeing of Australians’ eyes.

Insurer not liable for ransomware clean-up costs

11 August 2022
Inchcape Australia was infected by ransomware in 2020

ING Australia online banking glitch reveals others’ account information

11 August 2022
“Totally into someone else’s internet banking…”

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CyberBeat news #47 02 August 2022

Automating the job of the programmer: Cybernetics Lecturer,  Dr Ben Swift, talks about Microsofts’ AI system Known as Github Copilot.

CyberBeat news #46 27 July 2022

This week Malcolm talks with Olivia Passmore from   the Alannah & Madeleine Foundation and their digital focused programs for children.

CyberBeat news #45 21 July 2022

This week we consider the digital consequences of Roe v. Wade for Australians. 

CyberBeat news #44 14 July 2022

This week former Uber lobbyist Mark MacGann speaks publicly about the ‘Uber Files’, which reveal extensive illegal activities allegedly conducted by Uber Technologies Inc.

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