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Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #140
May 2024

FEATURE: Confessions from a Digital Marketing Director - A protest strategy to block celebrities is having unintended consequences.

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Misconfiguration caused Google Cloud deletion of UniSuper’s online account

16 May 2024
UniSuper fund members went a week with no access to their superannuation accounts.

Musk's X Corp loses lawsuit against Israeli data-scraping company

16 May 2024
U.S. District Judge said using scraping tools is not inherently fraudulent, and giving social media companies free rein to decide how public data are used "risks the possible creation of information monopolies that would disserve the public interest."

Apple apologises after piano crushing ad backlash

16 May 2024
The video was meant to demonstrate how creativity has been compressed into the latest iPad.

Musk scores win in battle over church stabbing footage

16 May 2024
X had already taken all reasonable steps it could to block the clip from Australian viewers short of removing the footage from everyone globally.

Stack Overflow and OpenAI partner

16 May 2024
More information from Stack Overflow will appear in ChatGPT, and Stack Overflow will use OpenAI models for its products.

Zircodata cyber hack

09 May 2024
Hackers access 4,000 sensitive documents from Monash Medical Centre and the electronic profiles of 60,000 Melbourne Polytechnic students.

New UNESCO report warns social media affects girls’ well-being, learning and career choices

09 May 2024
The report sheds light on how social media amplifies gender stereotypes, with negative effects on girls’ well-being, learning and career choices.

TikTok's not for sale

03 May 2024
ByteDance has 9 months to divest Tik Tok in America or it will be blocked.

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Australia lost inside the digital Kafkaesque space
CyberBeat news #139 | 09 May 2024

This week we delve deeper into Australia’s Kafkaesque digital space. And break out of the circular discourse and the bureaucratic confusion regarding privacy laws

Lacking enforcement again….
CyberBeat news #138 | 02 May 2024

This week we examine the Identity Verification Services  Act 2023.

Protestors and authorities in cyberspace
CyberBeat news #137 | 25 April 2024

In the United States a court has ruled that police officers can force suspects to unlock their phone with their thumbprint. This week we consider what happens in the U.S. and Australia when  ordinary people  have no way to maintain ‘boundaries’ from gov intrusion. 

AI and bat call types
CyberBeat news #136 | 19 April 2024

This week we look at how Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to identify bat call types.

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