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Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #128
February 2024

FEATURE: Australian journalist Antony Loewenstein talks about his latest book: The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World.

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Air Canada BOT Defense-Blame not Fooling the Tribunal

22 February 2024
The airline tried to distance itself from the error by claiming the chatbot was responsible for its actions.

Activision Blizzard Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Monopolisation of Call of Duty Competitions

22 February 2024
Activision, known for its popular first-person-shooter game Call of Duty, has been accused of imposing "draconian" contract provisions on teams and players, leading to the exclusion of those who did not comply with their demands.

Maltese Authorities Arrest Man in Global Cybercrime Crackdown Targeting Australians

22 February 2024
AFP along with international agencies like the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Europol, collaborated to make the arrest.

Unpaid bill shuts down parliament expense system in January

22 February 2024
An invoice for 2FA service was missed by the Department of Finance.

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Digital Rights Watch
CyberBeat news #127 | 15 February 2024

Malcolm talks with Lizzie O’Shea Founder and chair of Digital Rights Watch.

US Congress Resurrects a Bill to Protect Children Online
CyberBeat news #126 | 08 February 2024

US Congress Resurrects a Bill to Protect Children Online, and Sparks Debate over Privacy and Censorship. And Senators grill CEOs of major tech companies regarding the alleged harm caused to young users on their platforms. But was this just theatre and a missed opportunity? 

Can AI be Safe and Responsible?
CyberBeat news #125 | 01 February 2024

This week we check out a media release“Action to help ensure AI is safe and responsible” from the Federal Minister for Industry and Science.

AI Concerns and Opportunities Swamp 2024 World Economic Forum
CyberBeat news #124 | 25 January 2024

The annual World Economic Forum held at Davos in January continued to focus on Artificial Intelligence: Optimism and goodwill sanitised  the mounting concerns about the perils of AI.

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