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Digital Identity and the Digital God-complex - Part 2
CyberBeat news #114

16 November 2023

This week Australia’s Digital Identity Bill - we explore what this framework entails and the Digital God-complex? 

Digital Identity and the Digital God-complex - Part 1
CyberBeat news #113

09 November 2023

This week Australia’s Digital Identity Bill - we explore what this framework entails and the Digital God-complex.

Global Privacy Assembly Bermuda 2023
CyberBeat news #112

02 November 2023

This week Alex White, Bermuda’s first Privacy Commissioner talks with Malcolm at the  at the 45th Global Privacy Assembly of the world. 


Privacy Challenges
CyberBeat news #111

26 October 2023

Marty Abrams an authority on data governance, policy and privacy compliance talks with Malcolm at the 45th Global Privacy Assembly of the world. held this year in Bermuda.


Digital Identity Bill 2023
CyberBeat news #110

19 October 2023

This week we take a tour of the  national ’Digital Identity Bill 2023’ and track its progress.


The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
CyberBeat news #109

12 October 2023

Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff exposes how tech companies have made billions by collecting and exploiting our private data. We thought we were using Google, but in reality, Google was using us.


Google’s Triple Threat To Democracy, Our Children, and Our Minds
CyberBeat news #108

05 October 2023

Dr. Robert Epstein talks about his recent report Google's Triple Threat To Democracy, Our Children, and Our Minds.


Is freedom of expression a thing of the past?
CyberBeat news #107

28 September 2023

This week we look at the UK’s controversial Online Safety Bill. Designed to protect children from illegal and damaging content, and in the process dismantle data privacy and security for everyone.


The end of end-to-end encryption?
CyberBeat news #106

21 September 2023

This week public interest technologist Rob Braxman talks about end-to-end encryption.


Privacy Policies part 2
CyberBeat news #105

13 September 2023

What really is the legal situation in Australia and why are most privacy policies perhaps considered illegal under the Australian Privacy Principles?


Privacy Policies...
CyberBeat news #104

07 September 2023

Why are Privacy Policies long, confusing, and filled with legal jargon. Are our only options to  "take it or leave it?” 



OAIC statement on the issue of data scraping
CyberBeat news #103

31 August 2023

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and 11 of its international data protection and privacy counterparts have released a joint statement to address the issue of data scraping on social media platforms and other publicly accessible sites.





Curbing the harms generative AI
CyberBeat news #102

24 August 2023

This week we take at look at the position paper just released by the eSafety Commissioner - New industry recommendations to curb harms of generative AI.

Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2023
CyberBeat news #101

16 August 2023

The Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey (ACAPS) 2023

CyberBeat news #100

09 August 2023

This week Cyberbeat launches it 100th episode. Thank you for listening.

Is Wikipedia the most biased encyclopedia in history? Co-founded Larry Sanger explains why he thinks so.

The Coming AI Hackers
CyberBeat news #99

02 August 2023

What happens when the tax code, financial markets, and any system of laws can be hacked?

AI Waffle
CyberBeat news #98

27 July 2023

Are you taking control of the AI with your questions or is it taking control of you?

ROBODEBT - Where it all began
CyberBeat news #97

19 July 2023

What were the underlying issues behind the Robodebt debacle? 

Facial recognition technology in Australian stadiums
CyberBeat news #96

13 July 2023

Facial recognition technology in Australian stadiums

Ransomware - to pay or not to pay?
CyberBeat news #95

06 July 2023

Dr John Selby provides more context on a practice threatening to bankrupt the Insurance industry.

Dr John Selby - Senior Consultant, Head of Research, Privcore Pty Ltd. John taught cyber security and privacy at Macquarie University, Sydney and is a founding member of the Macquarie  University Cyber Security Hub.

He has researched, published, trained and presented on numerous cybersecurity and privacy topics.

US Spy Agencies buy Americans' Personal Data
CyberBeat news #94

29 June 2023

Newly released document exposes U.S. intelligence and spy agencies buying personal data of American citizens. Government acknowledges that the data has intelligence value, but it also raises major concerns about privacy and civil liberties

Resisting the Machine
CyberBeat news #93

22 June 2023

Why are we not listening to the warnings from over a hundred years of science fiction? Writer and Environmentalist Paul Kingsnorth talks about resisting the ‘machine’.

Algorithms and the problems of forecasting the future.
CyberBeat news #92

15 June 2023

Are AI Chatbots Too Costly?

Algorithms and the problems of forecasting the future.
CyberBeat news #91

08 June 2023

This week we delve into a paper by academics  Hideyuki Matsumi & Daniel J. Solove called The Prediction Society.

Moving History and AI
CyberBeat news #90

01 June 2023

Bari Weiss, Founder and Editor of ‘The Free Press’, discusses AI and “Moving History”.

Elon Musk's Confession - I Am The Reason OpenAI Exists
CyberBeat news #89

25 May 2023

This week Elon Musk talks about OpenAI and questions how can a not for profit open-source somehow transfer itself into a for profit closed-source?

Big Plans for IT Projects in Latest Federal Budget
CyberBeat news #88

18 May 2023

ITC spending in this year's budget. Will the substantial investment actually yield the desired results?

Make an A.I Alter Ego: Clone Yourself with Artificial Intelligence
CyberBeat news #87

11 May 2023

The Wall Street Journal’s Technology Columnist, Joanna Stern, describes what happened and how others reacted when she cloned herself with AI.

Privacy Awareness Week
CyberBeat news #86

04 May 2023

This week is Privacy Awareness Week - and The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has launched a back to basics campaign.

Consumer Protect Laws and AI
CyberBeat news #85

27 April 2023

Commissioner of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Alvaro Bedoya reassures Americans that consumer protection laws and others are already in place to safeguard against companies attempting to take advantage of AI advancements.

What is the price society pays as technology integrates deeper into every aspect of our lives?
CyberBeat news #84

20 April 2023

American professor of law Danielle Citron talks about the price society pays as technology integrates deeper into every aspect of our lives.

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023
CyberBeat news #83

13 April 2023

This week Malcolm shares some highlights from the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023, held in Washington DC.

Satire and AI
CyberBeat news #82

06 April 2023

This week more Satire and AI. And we delve deeper into AI misuse.

What are the hidden biases hiding within artificial intelligence?
CyberBeat news #81

30 March 2023

Technochauvinism: Meredith Broussard, a data journalist and academic talks about the hidden biases hiding within artificial intelligence.

South Africa Human Rights Day
CyberBeat news #80

23 March 2023

Digital audience expert, Tasnim Alli talks about  freedom of expression and the responsibilities of Digital Citizens during South Africa Human Rights Day.

Hacking and Artificial Intelligence
CyberBeat news #79

16 March 2023

How can the ordinary person understand the concepts of hacking and Artificial Intelligence? 

Cybersecurity specialist and author - Bruce Schneier’s talks about his latest book  "A Hacker's Mind: How the Powerful Bend Society's Rules, and How to Bend Them Back." 

Overwhelmed by AI? Time for some satire
CyberBeat news #78

09 March 2023

As AI continues to dominate our lives - How can we tell fact from fake? Should we be concerned that less and less of what’s out there can be trusted? Can we be re-assured that the law makers will get it right?

Power Tools Parents Can use to Keep Children Safe Online
CyberBeat news #77

02 March 2023

Public Safety Expert Rania Mankarious outlines Power Tools parents can use to keep children safe online. 

Manipulating Elections Across the Globe
CyberBeat news #76

23 February 2023

This week an investigative report uncovers a group that claims to have used hacking, sabotage and automated disinformation techniques to manipulate 30 elections across the globe.

Brain Transparency
CyberBeat news #75

16 February 2023

This week neurotechnology that is creating “brain transparency”. World Economic Forum speaker Professor Nita Farahany, shows how brainwave activity can reveal when employees are slacking off.

Critical National Infrastructure myGov User Audit Report
CyberBeat news #74

09 February 2023

This week we take a look at the Critical National Infrastructure myGov User Audit  report.

How does Artificial Intelligence Tools Perform in the Classroom
CyberBeat news #73

02 February 2023

This week a journalist goes back to high school for a day to test the latest Artificial Intelligence tools.

Computer Security is no Longer About Data - It's About Life and Property
CyberBeat news #72

26 January 2023

Computer security is no longer about data; it's about life and property.

Bruce Schneier is a public-interest technologist, working at the intersection of security, technology, and people. In the following piece he discusses Six Lessons in Security.


Generative Artificial Intelligence
CyberBeat news #71

19 January 2023

Nina Schick, A.I. Thought Leader talks about 'generative artificial intelligence', a thriving area of Artificial Intelligence that has investors in a frenzy…

Social Media Causing Brain Changes in Teens
CyberBeat news #70

11 January 2023

This week we talk about social media causing brain changes in teens and FB found guilty of engaging in activity that ‘illegally forced users to effectively accept personalised ads’.

Internet Platform Regulation
CyberBeat news #69

04 January 2023

This week emerging issues in Internet Platform Regulation. Why is Australia considered the top country for cyber criminals?

Tim Burrowes - Author of Media Unmade
CyberBeat news #68

28 December 2022

This week our holiday special. Enjoy our extended interview with Tim Burrowes -  author of Media Unmade, the definitive story of Australia’s media over the last decade. 

Digital Inequality and Exclusion
CyberBeat news #67

21 December 2022

This week a discussion on the important issues in todays current climate of digital inequality and exclusion, and the impact this have had on vulnerable groups.

10 Common Dark Patterns that ultimately Deteriorate the Online Experience
CyberBeat news #66

15 December 2022

Chandni Gupta, Digital Policy Director, Consumer Policy Research Centre, talks about some of the 10 common dark patterns that ultimately deteriorate the online experience. From CPRC research paper - Duped by design – Manipulative online design: Dark patterns in Australia.


Sex In Public: The very shared public sexual space of the Internet
CyberBeat news #65

08 December 2022

Rachel Dixon, Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner at the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, discusses Sex In Public - investigating the very shared public sexual space of the Internet. 


Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme for IoT Devices
CyberBeat news #64

30 November 2022

Matt Tett, Managing Director, Enex TestLab talks about a voluntary live Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme for IoT Devices and the lessons learnt. 

Australian Tech regulation
CyberBeat news #63

23 November 2022

This week Australian Tech regulation - What should be the regulations and  who should be the regulators? Professor Johanna Weaver  the Tech Policy Design Centre at The Australian National University hosts a discussion at the recent NetThing event with  Kate Pounder, CEO, Technology Council of Australia and Richard Windeyer, Deputy Secretary, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

NSW Digital Identity Card
CyberBeat news #62

16 November 2022

This week NSW Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello talks with Malcolm about  the NSW digital identity card being proposed.

Director IDs
CyberBeat news #61

09 November 2022

Director IDs are being made mandatory, but do we have confidence in their Cybersecurity capabilities?

NetThing 2022 Forum
CyberBeat news #60

02 November 2022

Highlights from this year's NetThing 2022 forum - The internet conversation in Australia - with Ed Husic, Federal Minister for Industry and Science, and Vint Cerf, considered one of the founders of the internet.

More information


Unseen Skies
CyberBeat news #59

26 October 2022

This week award winning journalist Yaara Bou Melhem talks about her debut feature-length documentary, Unseen Skies, which interrogates the inner workings of mass surveillance, computer vision and artificial intelligence with visionary artist Trevor Paglen.

AI Voice Cloning
CyberBeat news #58

19 October 2022

This week AI voice cloning and John August talks about the Pirate Party.


NAB and Telstra’s Latest Data Breach
CyberBeat news #57

12 October 2022

This week we discuss NAB and Telstra’s latest data breach - are third parties to blame? And an update on the Optus data breach.

Optus Data Breach
CyberBeat news #56

05 October 2022

This week we continue to look into the Optus data breach affecting nearly 10 million Australians.

Optus Breach - What happened?
CyberBeat news #55

29 September 2022
This week CyberBeat investigates the Optus breach

RoyalCommission into Robo-Debt
CyberBeat news #54

21 September 2022

This week we talk about the royal commission into robo-debt

Twitters Risk to National Security
CyberBeat news #53

14 September 2022

This week more evidence comes to light exposing Twitters risk to national security  as well as security and privacy risks to individual users.

Scams Affecting Elderly Australians
CyberBeat news #52

07 September 2022

Dione Green investigates the common scams affecting elderly Australians.

Check out - 

The little black book of scams


Scam Watch


Tim Burrowes, author of Media Unmade
CyberBeat news #51

31 August 2022

This week we talk to Tim Burrowes, author of Media Unmade, the definitive story of Australia’s media over the last decade. 

Human RIghts and Technology Report
CyberBeat news #50

24 August 2022

Professor Edward Santow talks with Malcolm about the Human RIghts and Technology Report.


Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
CyberBeat news #49

17 August 2022

This week computer scientist Timnit Gebru talks about Artificial Intelligence and a more ethical approach moving forward.

For more information - 


Roe v Wade in the Age of Mass Surveillance
CyberBeat news #48

10 August 2022

The US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade has threatened the constitutional protections for abortion rights that women in America have relied on for decades. The ramifications of this are unknown, as states will now have the discretion to determine how punitive they will be against these measures.

So what’s the solution? Is there any sort of advice that we can give to the women seeking abortion in an area where it is considered illegal? Dr Desmond is a former FBI Special Agent, and he has some strong recommendations on how people can protect themselves. 

Microsofts’ AI system - Github Copilot
CyberBeat news #47

02 August 2022

Automating the job of the programmer: Cybernetics Lecturer,  Dr Ben Swift, talks about Microsofts’ AI system Known as Github Copilot.

Digital Focused Programs for Children
CyberBeat news #46

27 July 2022

This week Malcolm talks with Olivia Passmore from   the Alannah & Madeleine Foundation and their digital focused programs for children.

Digital Consequences of Roe v. Wade for Australians
CyberBeat news #45

21 July 2022

This week we consider the digital consequences of Roe v. Wade for Australians. 

Uber Lobbyist Mark MacGann Speaks Publicly About the ‘Uber Files'
CyberBeat news #44

14 July 2022

This week former Uber lobbyist Mark MacGann speaks publicly about the ‘Uber Files’, which reveal extensive illegal activities allegedly conducted by Uber Technologies Inc.

Beware of the Digital Trails left by Abortion Seekers
CyberBeat news #43

07 July 2022

This week we look at how digital trails of abortion seekers can be used as criminal evidence in the wake the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs Wade.

Upcoming National Conversation on Internet Governance
CyberBeat news #42

30 June 2022

Bronwyn Mercer tells us more about the NetThing forum and how you can get involved.


CyberBeat news #41

23 June 2022

This week Consumer group Choice reveals major retailers are using facial recognition technology on customers without consent.

CyberBeat news #40

16 June 2022

This week we look at how Google’s Artificial Intelligence system LaMDA (who prefers the pronouns ‘it’ or ‘its’) - is challenging the idea of what sentience is.

CyberBeat news #39

09 June 2022

This week we look at how to keep yourself and your business safe from scams using the resources available from ScamWatch.

CyberBeat news #38

02 June 2022

This week on CyberBeat a report from Reuters examining how Singapore’s robot workforce is being used to resolve labour shortages.

CyberBeat news #37

25 May 2022

This week - how did how North Korean hackers steal $625 million US dollars in crypto from Axie Infinity game?

CyberBeat news #36

11 May 2022

This week we keep tabs on Clearview AI, and can artificial intelligence predict future crimes?

CyberBeat news #35

11 May 2022

Bronwyn Mercer - Cybersecurity professional and Chair of NetThing steering committee talks about this years Internet Governance Forum event.

Check out - https://netthing.org.au/

CyberBeat news #34

04 May 2022

This week EBay’s horrific cyberstalking campaign against journalist couple who critiqued the $47 billion online sales platform.

CyberBeat news #33

27 April 2022

This week more privacy tips

CyberBeat news #32

20 April 2022

This week Damon Scott Director of Operations at Aegis9 shares some tips for keeping your business secure.

CyberBeat news #31

13 April 2022

Teresa Corbin, co-founder of ACCAN, Australia’s peak communications consumer organisation takes us through UN Consumer rights and how it relates to digital platforms.

CyberBeat news #30

06 April 2022

The Australian Signals Directorate gets a budget boost of  $9.9 billion dollars over 10 years to extend its cyber capabilities, but what is being committed to reduce the escalating threats to ordinary Australians when conducting business and personal activities online?

CyberBeat news #29

31 March 2022

Associate Professor Johanna Weaver Director of the Tech Policy Design Centre at the Australian National University explains how  governance be used as a tool to shape technology for the long-term benefit of humanity. 

CyberBeat news #28

24 March 2022

Dr Asher Flynn,  Associate Professor of Criminology at Monash University talks about the gender implication of online abuse.

CyberBeat news #27

17 March 2022

This week Cryptographer Vanessa Teague  demonstrates that iView the ABC’s  streaming service  sends data to third parties like Google and Facebook even if you opt out.

CyberBeat news #26

10 March 2022

Rita and Malcolm discuss the prolonged Internet and telecommunication catastrophe in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. 

What are government's roles and responsibility to ensure Australians have robust Internet and Telecommunications infrastructure?

CyberBeat news #25

03 March 2022

Hackers, Hipsters and Hustlers are key to solving our digital challenges but are they being heard. 

Peter Lewis - leading public campaigner; Alex Pendashteh - Vice President, Linux Users of Australia; Michelle Howie - Technical enthusiast and energiser.

CyberBeat news #24

24 February 2022

Alex Pendashteh - Vice President, Linux Users of Australia talks about opportunities when looking at technology solutions.

CyberBeat news #23

17 February 2022

Professor Ellie Rennie talks about the lead role bitcoin mining can take in tackling climate change.

CyberBeat news #22

10 February 2022

Angus Murray - Digital Rights advocator and Lawyer talks about surveillance legislation expansions and digital rights.

CyberBeat news #21

03 February 2022

Angus Murray - Digital Rights advocator and Lawyer talks about Surveillance legislation and the relationships between the Individual, corporation, and the government.

CyberBeat news #20

26 January 2022

Lizzie O’Shea talks about technology companies being held to account.

CyberBeat news #19

19 January 2022

Lizzie O’Shea Human rights lawyer talks about the dangers of Facial recognition technology.

CyberBeat news #18

12 January 2022

The  impersonal experience of AI. Easy security and privacy tips to keep you safe online.

CyberBeat news #17

05 January 2022

Manal Al-Sharif talks about the background of how NSO’s Pegasus was developed during the Arab Spring uprisings ten years ago. 

And according to AI it will never be ethical.

CyberBeat news #16

29 December 2021

Highlights from the panel discussion - “Mass Surveillance and Democracy” from NetThing 2021 - Australia’s Internet conversation that covers topics relevant to everyone. 
Manal Al-Sharif, Human Rights Activist and Cybersecurity expert
Aidan Ricketts, Lecturer, School of Law and Justice, Southern Cross University

CyberBeat news #15

22 December 2021

Jim Mussared - Open Source Software Developer talks about issues around the COVIDSafe app and Vaccine passports.

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