The internet has impacted the lives of every Australian. It is advancing and changing so quickly that it is near impossible for us to keep up with the latest technology - let alone privacy threats, online scams and digital rights violations.  Solutions have been offered by both the government and the private sector to try to steer people towards a safer online environment. 

But confusing legislation and policy loopholes create a chaotic digital landscape that is tough to understand and unbearable to navigate. 

Every day new technology issues and threats arise. But the ever-changing landscape is complex. Confusing jargon, a fast-paced news agenda and failing to understand personal consequences has meant the general public is at risk of turning a blind eye.  

The fundamental infrastructure of the Internet is now a threat to democracy. We are seeing a rapid decay of our world as a consequence. 

Digital rights groups, public servants, academics, industry leaders, journalists and grassroots activists are united in a single message: digital rights are human rights.  When our digital rights are under threat, so are our civil ones. This is an urgent issue that affects all people.

At Cyberbeat we believe it is crucial to equip Australians with the tools and knowledge needed to protect themselves against cyber and digital threats. Each 15 minute podcast episode will also educate listeners on what’s happening with the internet in Australia. 

Cyberbeat.news is an additional resource that will be updated frequently with breaking cyber news and educational content. 


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CyberBeat is a grassroots initiative from a team of producers and subject matter experts, driven out of frustration at the lack of media coverage, responding to an urgent need to provide a clear, concise, informative and educational approach to the growing fields of Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy.

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