Federal government reassures Australians that electoral systems are secure

UK cyber security agency confirms Chinese threat groups targeted electoral systems. Australia reassures public that its electoral systems remain secure
28 March 2024
Image by CyberBeat

The Australian government confirmed that its electoral systems remained secure despite cyber campaigns targeting the UK linked to China-affiliated threat groups. 

Foreign affairs and cyber security ministers emphasised the robust measures in place to protect the integrity of Australia's electoral roll. In contrast, the UK Electoral Commission systems were highly likely compromised by a Chinese state-affiliated entity between 2021 and 2022.” According to an assessment made by its National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

It also said that a separate group, APT31, was “almost certainly” responsible for “reconnaissance activity against UK parliamentarians during a separate campaign in 2021”, though it added that “no parliamentary accounts were successfully compromised” in the incident.

UK authorities said they had “today summoned the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, and sanctioned a front company and two individuals who are members of APT31.”

- CyberBeat


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