Google Unveils Groundbreaking AI Upgrade for Android, Raises Privacy Concerns

The competition between Google, Apple, and Facebook just got more intense. Android users, brace yourselves for an incredible AI upgrade from Google that could revolutionise your smartphone experience.
01 February 2024
Image by CyberBeat

Google's game-changing AI upgrade for Android brings both excitement and concerns. With the introduction of Bard to Messages, Google aims to enhance your messaging experience by providing an AI assistant within the app. However, this comes with a price - your privacy.

Bard will not only read and analyse your private messages, going back forever, but it will also analyse the context, tone, and interests of your conversations. It aims to personalize its responses based on your mood and relationship dynamics with different contacts.

But here's the catch: your message requests to Bard will be sent to the cloud for processing.

So, while it may greatly improve your messaging experience, remember just as with all generative AI chatbots, including ChatGPT, you need to assume anything you ask is non-private and could come back to haunt you.

- CyberBeat


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