Google fires employees involved in Israel protest

Google has just fired 28 employees for protesting against Project Nimbus, a £1.2bn joint contract with Amazon to provide AI cloud services to the Israeli government.
25 April 2024
Image by CyberBeat

Google has fired 28 employees who engaged in protests against a contractual deal the technology giant maintains with the Israeli government.

Google has a joint contract with Amazon worth USD $1.2bn (£960m) called Project Nimbus which provides Israel's government and military with cloud computing and AI infrastructure.

Individuals associated with the protest group, No Tech For Apartheid, orchestrated sit-ins at the heart of Google's dwelling spaces, their New York and Sunnyvale, California spaces.

In a lucrative alliance with Amazon, Google upholds a contract named Project Nimbus, valued at a whopping USD $1.2bn (£960m). This colossal project gifts Israel's government and military with cutting-edge cloud computing and AI infrastructure.

Google responded by stating that the protestors were stirring chaos in the premises and forming physical barriers hindering other employees' tasks and restricting their entry to facilities.

These dismissals ratcheted up the already simmering tensions between Google and its employees who stand against providing technology to the Israeli government.

In a public statement, Google labeled such behaviour as "utterly unacceptable".

But Google isn't alone in this battle. McDonalds, the fast-food giant, revealed plans to repurchase all of its Israeli outlets, a move spawned by a boycott-induced dip in sales, triggered by the brand's alleged support for Israel.

These recent events serve as a reminder of the power of public opinion and the impact it can have on businesses.

It also highlights the importance of ethical considerations in business decisions, as companies are now being held accountable for their actions and partnerships by consumers who are becoming more conscious and vocal about social issues.

- CyberBeat


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