Google to Pay $93m for Misleading Users on Location Tracking

Tech giant ‘continued to collect and store a user’s location data’ even if users turned off their location history.
20 September 2023
Image by CyberBeat

Tech giant Google has agreed to pay $93m to settle allegations of misleading consumers about the tracking and storage of their location information. 

The settlement follows a lengthy investigation into Google's data practices by the California attorney general. 

The lawsuit revealed that Google continued to collect and store users' location data, even if they had turned off their location history. 

Google was found to have deceived users by falsely claiming that turning off "location history" would halt the tracking of their movements. 

The company will now be required to be more transparent about its location tracking practices and obtain user approval for targeted advertisements. 

Google is not admitting fault as part of the settlement, but has agreed to the terms, stating that the issues raised were based on outdated policies. 

In a similar lawsuit brought by 40 states' attorneys general, Google settled for nearly $392m in 2022.

- CyberBeat


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