NBN Co Finally Approved for New Pricing and Terms: A Long Time Coming!

ACCC approves varied special access undertaking (SAU) after multiple revisions.
26 October 2023
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After three years of back-and-forth, NBN Co has finally been given the go-ahead for their new pricing and non-price terms. This agreement, while somewhat of a formality at this point, comes after retailers were fed up with the lengthy process and costly delays.

There have been concessions on both sides, with the ACCC admitting that there are some aspects they don't support, but they don't believe it will greatly impact broadband users.

The biggest changes are in NBN pricing, with charges for high-speed services being eliminated by December 1st. NBN Co will also offer an affordable voice and data service that is half the price of their current entry-level broadband offer.

By implementing these pricing changes now, customers will be protected from future price hikes, allowing for a smooth and gradual transition to efficient pricing. NBN Co has also agreed to limit future cost recovery, with the ACCC having further say in the matter.

It's been a long journey to get here, but finance minister Katy Gallager and communications minister Michelle Rowland are pleased to welcome this new SAU. They acknowledge that a change of government was necessary to reset the regulatory process and reach this point.

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