Businesses stop playing and start using ChatGPT

Australian chief executives have revealed programs under way to incorporate generative artificial intelligence, through ChatGPT, into working practices, with marketing work, computer coding and snappy last-minute presentations already passing the test at some big-name companies.
02 March 2023
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A range of listed and unlisted companies, including Coles, Wisetech Global and Quad Lock, told The Australian Financial Review they have been experimenting with ChatGPT in their businesses, and designing new products incorporating its technology into automation processes including marketing work, computer coding and presentations.

Outgoing Coles chief executive Steven Cain said he saw ChatGPT in action at a recent company offsite event, when it helped one of the supermarket chain’s executives prepare for a presentation in the blink of an eye. 

“One of the guys was asked to make a speech last minute, and he did it initially in two seconds on ChatGPT and we were actually surprised – it was probably better than normal,” he said.

On Monday, the Financial Review  revealed that Westpac was also looking to dive deeper into generative AI, having signed an agreement with cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services, which will provide its “generative AI” technologies to the bank to write better letters to customers and help software engineers develop code.

Telstra chief executive Vicki Brady said AI was a key part of its T25 strategy, and that the company was already a big user of AI before the recent excitement about generative AI.

Consulting firm Gartner predicts that by 2025, 30 per cent of marketing content will be generated by AI,   and that by 2030, a blockbuster film will be released in which 90 per cent of it is generated by text-to-video AI.

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