Nano-Ninja Robot Executes Perfect Cell Capture

Tiny robot can hunt and capture living cells using dual navigation methods, sparking endless possibilities in research and medicine.
13 April 2023
Photo by Kindel Media:

Researchers from Tel Aviv University, in Israel, have designed a microscopic robot modeled after biological swimmers like bacteria and sperm. The tiny bot is powered by electricity and magnetic fields, allowing it to navigate autonomously through the human body. The innovation opens up a world of possibilities, offering a means of identifying and capturing individual cells, among other potential applications.

While testing of the micro-robot took place outside the human body, the researchers hope that it can soon be tested in vivo, given its potential for wide application.

Professor Gilad Yossifon co-author of the research paper - “A Magnetically and Electrically Powered Hybrid Micromotor in Conductive Solutions", had the following to say about its applications: “Among other things, the technology will support the following areas: medical diagnosis at the single cell level, introducing drugs or genes into cells, genetic editing, carrying drugs to their destination inside the body, cleaning the environment from polluting particles, drug development, and creating a ‘laboratory on a particle’.” 

The study was published in the journal Advanced Science.

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