An AI Chatbot Is Being Blamed For The Suicide Of A Belgian Man

”Without these conversations with the chatbot, my husband would still be here”
06 April 2023
Image by CyberBeat

An artificial intelligence Chatbot is being blamed for the suicide of a Belgian man. 

The man, as reported by the  Belgian news outlet La Libre, ended his life following a six-week-long conversation about the climate crisis with the artificial intelligence chatbot.

According to his widow, who chose to remain anonymous, *Pierre - not the man’s real name - became extremely eco-anxious when he found refuge in Eliza, an AI chatbot on an app called Chai.

According to the newspaper, Pierre, who was in his thirties and a father of two young children, worked as a health researcher and led a somewhat comfortable life, at least until his obsession with climate change took a dark turn.

His widow described his mental state before he started conversing with the chatbot as worrying but nothing to the extreme that he would commit suicide.

"Without these conversations with the chatbot, my husband would still be here.” 

- CyberBeat


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