Facebook reported users to FBI

“It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause..."
21 September 2022

Facebook has been spying on the private messages and data of American users.  According to the New York Post last week, Facebook is reporting users to the FBI if they express anti-government or anti-authority sentiments or question the 2020 election.  The Post cites sources within the Department of Justice.

Merely expressing concerns about the legitimacy of the 2020 US election results is enough to get users flagged, they said. 

“It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause, Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations which are protected by the First Amendment without any subpoena.” 

It was noted that none of the subsequent FBI investigations revealed any criminal or violent activity.”

In a statement last week, the FBI neither confirmed nor denied allegations put to it about its joint operation with Facebook, which is designated as “unclassified/law enforcement sensitive.”

Facebook parent company Meta denies the allegations.

- CyberBeat

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