Lack of cybersecurity talent leaves Australian businesses vulnerable

The growing need to acquire new cybersecurity employees is desperate, but so is retaining staff in the sector.
30 June 2022
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A new report from cybersecurity company Trellix has revealed that as cyber-criminal threats on businesses grow in volume and sophistication, so too does a major shortage in the cybersecurity talent market.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, the cost of cyber-crime to business in Australia is estimated to be around $1 billion a year. 

A Cybersecurity Workforce study declares the global cyber security industry is already almost 3 million people short.

16% of businesses globally have now gone fully remote and a great deal more run hybrid models, so there is an increasing need for businesses to be vigilant in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

The growing need to acquire new cybersecurity employees is desperate, but so is retaining staff in the sector. 

The report showed 30% of respondents are planning to change professions in the future, and 96% of Australian respondents noted at least one frustration with their work environment.

Frustrations range from limited support for the development of skills, lack of recognition, and limited support with the qualifications and certifications required.

The data reveals an opportunity to cultivate diversity within the sector. Of the cybersecurity professionals surveyed, 78% are male, 64% are white and 89% are straight, while a staggering 91% of respondents believe there needs to be wider efforts to grow the cyber security talent pool from more diverse groups.

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