UK data watchdog wants reassurances from Microsoft

Microsoft's forthcoming Copilot+ PCs can screenshot your laptop every few seconds and store encrypted snapshots locally.
30 May 2024
Image by CyberBeat

Microsoft is under scrutiny by the UK data watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), for its upcoming feature 'Recall' for its Copilot+ PCs.

This feature takes encrypted screen snapshots every few seconds, capturing users' activity including files, emails, and browsing history.

Microsoft assures that Recall is optional and that data is stored locally, inaccessible to Microsoft itself or anyone lacking device access.

To violate privacy, a hacker would need direct device access.

However, privacy advocates express concerns over potential misuse of the information, including law enforcement orders or potential changes to Microsoft's policy.

Although Microsoft insists that this experience is optional and that they remain committed to privacy and security, the ICO and privacy campaigners have raised concerns about potential privacy violations.

Microsoft assures that only those with physical access to the device can access these screenshots, negating chances of remote hacking.
However, the ICO wants reassurances about safeguards against potential misuse. There are also concerns that anyone who knows your password could access your detailed history, which could be used for targeted advertising or training AI in the future.

- CyberBeat


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