Maltese Authorities Arrest Man in Global Cybercrime Crackdown Targeting Australians

AFP along with international agencies like the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Europol, collaborated to make the arrest.
22 February 2024
Image by CyberBeat

Maltese authorities have apprehended Daniel Meli, 27, as part of an international effort to dismantle a global cybercrime network preying on Australians. The suspect is accused of selling and training criminals in using "Warzone," a malicious software that surreptitiously infiltrates computers by bypassing security measures.

Upon luring victims into installing the malware via deceptive email attachments or links, cybercriminals gain unchecked access to sensitive data, including keystrokes, passwords, and even web cameras.

Collaborating agencies, including the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Europol, jointly conducted the operation leading to Meli's arrest.

The FBI revealed that Meli had been marketing malware products and services to cybercriminals in illicit online forums since 2012. Operating on a subscription basis starting from as low as A$25 monthly, the software posed a significant cyber threat in 2020, prompting an investigation culminating in Meli's apprehension.

Simultaneously, authorities in Nigeria detained another suspect, Prince Onyeoziri Odinakachi, 31, who allegedly provided customer support to individuals using the Warzone malware.

Both arrests mark substantial progress in combating cybercrime on a global scale.

- CyberBeat


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