Modern Cars Spying on You - Privacy Not Included

Car brands quietly entered the data business by turning their vehicles into powerful data-gobbling machines.
14 September 2023
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Is your car spying on you? A study by American software researchers at Mozilla Foundation, found that the level of data monitoring in modern cars are a privacy nightmare

The vast waysthat car companies collect data include super intimate information about you -- from your medical information, your genetic information, to your “sex life”, to how fast you drive, where you drive, and what songs you play in your car. They then use it to invent more data about you through “inferences” about things like your intelligence, abilities, and interests.

Mozilla outlined that it researched 25 different carmakers ranging from Nissan, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz to Subaru, Ford, and Tesla.

 The global nonprofit found that 92 percent of the reviewed automakers provide drivers with little (if any) control over their personal data, with 84 percent sharing user data with outside parties. 56% share that data with police on request, 92% give consumers “little to no control” over their data, and none of them could be confirmed as meeting Mozilla’s minimum security standards.

- CyberBeat


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