Microsoft to Build "Cyber Shield" for Australia, Investing Billions in National Digital Economy

Working alongside the Australian Signals Directorate, Microsoft will construct the "MACS" (Microsoft-Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Shield) to safeguard against global online threats.
26 October 2023
Image by CyberBeat

Tech giant Microsoft has committed to assisting Australia in creating a formidable "cyber shield" to combat global online threats. The company plans to invest billions of dollars to secure and expand the nation's digital economy.

As part of this initiative, Microsoft will collaborate with Australia's cyber spy agency, provide digital skills training to 300,000 Australians, and boost its data centers from 20 to 29. This announcement is likely the first of many to come, as Australia's prime minister seeks to strengthen ties with the US in the face of increasing global instability.

With an additional $5 billion investment into its Australian operations, Microsoft is poised to announce further collaborations with the US, focusing on initiatives such as the Biden administration's Inflation Reduction Act and green energy subsidies.

This investment will increase Microsoft's computing capacity by 250% over the next two years, enabling Australia to leverage the opportunities presented by cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

In partnership with the Australian Signals Directorate, the nation's cybersecurity and online warfare agency, Microsoft will develop a cyber shield known as MACS (Microsoft-Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Shield).

- CyberBeat


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