U.S. President Biden Signs Executive Order to Create A.I. Safeguards

The President aims to assert the United States' leadership in AI regulation.
02 November 2023
Image by CyberBeat

U.S.  President Biden has signed an executive order addressing the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI). 

Companies will now be required to report to the federal government about any potential risks their AI systems may pose in aiding countries or terrorists in the creation of weapons of mass destruction. Additionally, the order aims to address the dangers of "deep fakes" that can impact elections and deceive consumers.

This order is a significant step by the United States, a global leader in AI technology, to take the lead in regulating this rapidly advancing field. Europe has already begun implementing its own rules, and Vice President Kamala Harris is representing the United States at an international conference in the UK.

The order priorities safety and security, encourages AI development in the US, and seeks to slow China's progress. However, implementing the directives will pose challenges, from hiring AI experts in government to passing privacy legislation in a divided Congress.

- CyberBeat


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