Senate Committee Warns AI's Impact on Integrity, KPMG Files Complaint

An AI tool, Google Bard, was responsible for generating false allegations of serious wrongdoing in a submission by a group of academics.
09 November 2023
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A Senate committee has warned artificial intelligence may have seriously undermined its integrity, after consultancy firm KPMG lodged an official complaint about factually inaccurate information receiving parliamentary privilege. 

KPMG’s chief executive, Andrew Yates, complained to the parliamentary joint committee on corporations and financial services, which approved and uploaded the document.

The submission accused firms of involvement in non-existent scandals and cited examples of dismissals from firms that never employed the individuals. 

The inaccurate submission has caused concern for the reputation of the implicated firms, with KPMG's CEO voicing his disappointment in the reliance on AI without comprehensive fact-checking. 

The incident has prompted the Senate committee to question the use of artificial intelligence and its potential to undermine the integrity of the committee process. 

Emeritus professor James Guthrie has taken responsibility for the error and apologised on behalf of the other academics involved.

- CyberBeat


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