New Subsea Cable System in South Pacific to Provide More Connectivity Between Australia and the United States

Google and Vocus will establish three diverse Australian landings along with dual cable paths to the US, substantially improving the resilience of Australia’s critical connections to the world…
02 November 2023
Image by CyberBeat

Google is set to deploy two new trans-Pacific subsea cables between the United States and Australia, via Fiji and French Polynesia, with Vocus to help deliver the project.

The South Pacific Connect initiative “will create a ring between Australia, Fiji and French Polynesia,” Google Cloud’s vice president of global network infrastructure Brian Quigley said in a blog post.

It comprises two trans-Pacific cables: One which runs US - French Polynesia - Australia, and the other which runs US - Fiji - Australia. 

A third “interlink” cable will run between Fiji and French Polynesia to connect the two different cables.

Branching units will also be placed at various points to allow other Pacific Island nations to connect to the cable system.

Both the US and Australian governments will jointly fund some of these additional connections, under an ‘Innovation Alliance’ agreement.

- CyberBeat


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