Facebook and YouTube warned by India to enforce rules to deter deepfake technology

The warning was delivered by deputy IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar in a closed-door meeting, where he emphasised the need for companies to update their usage terms and comply with regulations introduced in 2022.
30 November 2023
Image by CyberBeat

India's government has issued a stern warning to social media giants like Facebook and YouTube. They are being told to remind users about laws that prohibit the posting of deepfakes, obscene content, and misinformation. 

The warning came from deputy IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar during a private meeting. He expressed disappointment that many companies have failed to update their terms of use in accordance with the 2022 rules. 

The government is particularly concerned about deepfakes, which are AI-generated videos that appear realistic but are fabricated. Chandrasekhar stressed that companies must ensure users are aware of the rules by displaying reminders every time they log in. Failure to comply may result in government intervention. 

The demand was described as "non-negotiable" by the minister. The IT ministry announced that all platforms have agreed to adhere to the government's regulations. Facebook, Google, and Chandrasekhar have yet to comment on the matter. Google, the parent company of YouTube, assured its commitment to responsible AI development and stated that it has strong policies and systems in place to identify and remove harmful content. 

This warning comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi joins the growing global concern over deepfake technology, calling on international leaders to regulate AI collectively and expressing worries about its adverse impact on society.

- CyberBeat


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