ChatGPT concerns escalate EU’s decisions on tougher AI rules

The first comments from a senior EU official.
09 February 2023
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

EU industry chief Thierry Breton has said new proposed artificial intelligence rules will aim to tackle concerns about the risks around the ChatGPT chatbot and AI technology, in the first comments on the app by a senior Brussels official.

ChatGPT has been rated the fastest-growing consumer app in history after its launch just two months ago by OpenAI, a private company that Microsoft Corp has invested over $10 billion US dollars or 14 billion Aus dollars into. The deal, places the value of OpenAI at $US29 billion. Microsoft would receive 75 per cent of OpenAI’s profits until it recouped its entire investment.

The ownership structure of OpenAI would then become; Microsoft 49 per cent, other investors 49 per cent, and OpenAI’s non-profit parent 2 per cent.

Breton said the European Commission is working closely with the EU Council and European Parliament to further clarify the rules in the AI Act for general purpose AI systems.

"As showcased by ChatGPT, AI solutions can offer great opportunities for businesses and citizens, but can also pose risks. This is why we need a solid regulatory framework to ensure trustworthy AI based on high-quality data," he told Reuters in written comments.

Breton said the risks posed by ChatGPT and AI systems, underscored the urgent need for rules, which he proposed last year in a bid to set the global standard for the technology. The rules are currently under discussion in Brussels.

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