New Mexico Sues Meta and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for Allowing Child Predators on Facebook and Instagram

According to the lawsuit, Meta actively directed children to explicit content and enabled adults to exploit minors for pornography. They are also accused of creating unregulated user groups dedicated to child exploitation.
14 December 2023
Image by CyberBeat

The US state of New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, accusing them of turning Facebook and Instagram into marketplaces for child predators.

According to the lawsuit, Meta actively exposed children to explicit and inappropriate content through recommended users and posts. They allowed adults to find, message, and exploit minors, soliciting them for explicit pictures and videos. Additionally, Meta is accused of hosting unmoderated user groups dedicated to facilitating and selling child sexual exploitation material.

A statement from New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez revealed that certain child exploitative content is over ten times more prevalent on Facebook and Instagram than on platforms like Pornhub and OnlyFans.

The lawsuit asserts that Meta's conduct is both unacceptable and unlawful. Torrez also alleged that Meta is aware of the dangers their products pose to young users but has failed to implement necessary changes to protect them. Instead, it seems that Meta prioritizes engagement and ad revenue over the safety of vulnerable members of society.

This lawsuit follows a two-year investigation by The Guardian, which exposed Meta's struggles to prevent criminals from using their platforms for child sex trafficking. Former Meta moderators interviewed by The Guardian also revealed the company's potential shortcomings in detecting and reporting child sexual abuse content.

The state of New Mexico is seeking justice and accountability for the protection of children against online exploitation.

- CyberBeat


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