Mind-reading AI

Portable, non-invasive, mind-reading AI turns thoughts into text.
21 December 2023
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Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney have created a portable system that can convert silent thoughts into written text.

The researchers at the GrapheneX-UTS Human-centric AI Centre performed a study where participants wore a cap that recorded brain activity using an EEG, which was then analysed by the AI model DeWave.

This breakthrough technology can greatly benefit individuals who are unable to speak due to illness or injury, and it can also facilitate seamless communication between humans and machines.

Lead researcher, Distinguished Professor Lin, praised the groundbreaking nature of the research, stating that it represents a significant advancement in translating brain waves into language. The use of discrete encoding techniques and integration with large language models has opened up new possibilities in the fields of neuroscience and AI.

This breakthrough research translates EEG signals directly into words and sentences, without surgery or bulky equipment like MRI machines.

The research builds upon previous brain-computer interface technology developed by UTS in collaboration with the Australian Defence Force.

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