New Study Reveals Alarming AI Attack - Passwords Vulnerable!

With recent developments in deep learning, the ubiquity of micro-phones and the rise in online services via personal devices, acoustic side channel attacks present a greater threat to keyboards than ever.
24 August 2023
Image by CyberBeat

Researchers at Cornell University have uncovered a groundbreaking AI-driven attack that can steal passwords with jaw-dropping accuracy. By analysing the sounds of keystrokes, an AI model was trained to identify each key's unique sound.

When tested on a MacBook Pro, it achieved an astounding 95% accuracy in identifying pressed keys. But it doesn't stop there - in a Zoom call experiment, the AI reproduced keystrokes with 93% accuracy, and 91.7% accuracy over Skype.

Shockingly, the volume of typing doesn't matter - the AI focuses on waveform, intensity, and timing. As if this wasn't alarming enough, the attack can be carried out using simple off-the-shelf equipment. With just a smartphone and a nearby microphone, a malicious actor could effortlessly steal your passwords and sensitive information. Stay vigilant!

- CyberBeat


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