Attention MasterClass subscribers! Did you know that your personal information may have been shared without your consent?

MasterClass has secretly transmitted information about certain users and their video viewing history to Facebook for advertising purposes.
31 August 2023
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An online education platform, MasterClass, is under scrutiny for allegedly using a tracking tool to share customer data with Meta for advertising purposes, without obtaining users' consent

The law firm Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman is gathering MasterClass subscribers to take action against Yanka Industries, the owner of MasterClass   . 

There are allegations that MasterClass used a tracking tool to transmit user data to Facebook for advertising purposes. 

Rather than filing a lawsuit, the law firm is pursuing mass arbitration, a newer legal technique that functions similarly to a class action lawsuit. This approach allows a group of people to seek compensation for alleged wrongdoing by a company.

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