Western Security Agencies Advise Companies to Take Charge of Cybersecurity Burden to Reduce Risks for Consumers

A coalition of leading security and intelligence organisations have taken a stand to tackle cybersecurity issues on a global scale.
20 April 2023
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Leading western security agencies have teamed up to give software manufacturers new guidelines on how to improve cybersecurity. 

The aim is to take the stress off customers and place responsibility firmly in the hands of product designers.  

The advisory was created by a coalition of some of the world's leading authorities, including the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the National Security Agency of the US. 

These guidelines are designed to help companies in Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and New Zealand, as well as manufacturers in the United States and Australia, ensure their products are as secure as possible.

Weaknesses in technology products, particularly software, are often exploited by criminal groups and nation-states to compromise businesses and public infrastructure.

Abigail Bradshaw, Head of the ACSC said: “Cybersecurity cannot be an afterthought…Consumers deserve products that are secure from the outset. Strong and ongoing engagement between government, industry and the public is vital to putting cybersecurity at the centre of the technology design process.”

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