Google and Sonos Head to Trial in an Intense Patent Tussle Over Smart Speakers

Who will prevail: one of Silicon Valley's most powerful tech giants or an audio company that revolutionised home sound systems?
11 May 2023
Image by CyberBeat

Sonos Inc. and Alphabet's Google are facing off in a federal trial at San Francisco this week, as Sonos claims that their patented smart speaker technology was allegedly infringed by wireless audio devices such as the popular Google Home. 

Sonos is demanding $90 million from Google as damages; however, that figure has been reduced significantly from an initial demand for $3 billion after U.S District Judge William Alsup narrowed down the case scope. 

With lawsuits spanning multiple countries including the U.S., Canada, France, Germany and Netherlands

The dispute between these former business partners includes similar lawsuits filed across multiple countries including Canada, France Germany & Netherlands where both parties have poured significant resources into litigation despite their shared history working together on product integration projects such as streaming music services within Sono products. 

In light of this seemingly unending legal battle, Judge Alsup issued comments last month calling out "the worst aspects"of patent law whilst emphasising how much more could be achieved with those financials if instead employed towards charitable causes such as building schools or providing hot lunches to children!

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