Consumer Protection Authorities are Taking a Stand against ChatGPT

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27 April 2023
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The European Consumer Organisation, representing 46 consumer organisations from 32 countries, has raised alarm about the potential dangers posed by artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT. 

As AI-driven technology has become more popular, the "big four" tech giants - Microsoft, Google (Alphabet), Amazon, and Meta Platform have all announced their own versions of OpenAI's ground breaking ChatGPT tool. This program allows computers to imitate human behavior while generating text and images based on user prompts.

The European Consumer Organisation have called on EU authorities to look into how this new technology can be abused and potentially harm users in a variety of ways -- most notably through deceptive advertising targeting vulnerable groups like children or young people who may believe what they are being told is true.

The group also called on the Consumer Safety Network to start an exchange of information and an investigation into the safety risks of these products.

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