ChatGPT Lies to US Lawyer About Case Research

A New York lawyer is facing a court hearing of his own after his firm used AI tool ChatGPT for legal research.
02 June 2023
Image by CyberBeat

A New York lawyer could face disciplinary action after his firm relied on an AI tool called ChatGPT for legal research. 

The court found some example cases referenced in a filing did not actually exist. The lawyer who used the tool claimed he had no clue the content could be false. 

ChatGPT comes with warnings about producing inaccurate information. The case involved a man suing an airline for an alleged personal injury. 

The research was actually prepared by another attorney who, without his colleague's knowledge, used ChatGPT to find similar cases.  

The attorney admitted to greatly regretting his reliance on the chatbot, vowing never to use AI for legal research in the future without authenticating its authenticity. 

Both attorneys have been ordered to explain themselves in a court hearing this June. 

- CyberBeat


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