Apple Co-founder Warns AI Increases Risks of Scams and Misinformation

Advocates for clear labeling and regulation of AI content
18 May 2023
Image by CyberBeat

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential for it to be misused by "bad actors" to spread scams and misinformation. Wozniak, who invented the first Apple computer, is calling for clear labeling and regulation of AI content. 

He does not believe AI will replace people due to its lack of emotion but warns that it will make bad actors more convincing, as evidenced by the intelligent text generated by programmes like ChatGPT. 

Wozniak places responsibility for AI-generated content on those who publish it and urges regulators to hold big tech firms accountable. However, he remains sceptical about whether regulators can prevent money-driven forces from dominating the industry.

- CyberBeat


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