AI Threatens The Future of Humanity

Why isn't the UK government doing more to regulate this industry and protect its citizens from its dangers?
18 May 2023
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Renowned AI expert, Stuart Russell, has expressed concerns about the lack of UK government regulation in the AI industry and its potential to lead to danger for humanity. 

Russell, a lecturer at the University of California in Berkeley and former adviser to the US and UK governments, told the Times -  this new technology could eventually evolve into a super-intelligent machine that is beyond our control. This could lead to catastrophic consequences for humanity if we don't take action now. 

Professor Russell isn't alone in his concerns. Even a House of Lords committee has been discussing the potential negative effects of AI on future wars. 

Russell told the Times that a more cautious approach is needed to AI development. Stressing the need to consider the purpose and goals of the technology being created. If we continue to create machines that imitate human behavior, we are essentially training them to compete with us. And if we can't control them, who knows what they might do. 

The question is, can we maintain power over entities that are more powerful than us? 

Russell's answer is simple: if we don't have an answer, we need to stop researching. The stakes are too high - we're talking about the future of our civilisation here.

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