Confidential files spilled from Tasmanian government's database in massive breach

A staggering 16,000 financial invoices and statements from the Tasmanian department of education have been compromised in the GoAnywhere security breach
13 April 2023
Image by RebelGnome

The Tasmanian government is dealing with the loss and leakage of around 16,000 financial invoices and statements from their department of education. The breach, known as GoAnywhere  has resulted in the exposure of sensitive information related to student assistance applications. 

Minister for science and technology Madeleine Ogilvie has expressed her concerns and said the documents included “information relating to student assistance applications, and may include names and addresses.”

She said: “We continue to urge people to stay alert for any suspicious financial activity or attempted scams,”

In a separate advisory, the department of education, children and young people - DECYP - said the documents were both "current and historical".

The department apologised and urged parents to "remain vigilant and if needed, take practical steps including staying alert for any suspicious financial activity or attempted scams."

- CyberBeat


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