Medibank Hack

Australian health insurance giant Medibank has revealed the hack of customer records has affected more customers than previously thought, including customers of the main Medibank brand.
26 October 2022
Image by vjohns1580 from Pixabay

Medibank has disclosed that the cyber criminal behind last week’s cyber attack has supplied sample records of 100 policies they believe are from their system. 

Medibank has admitted that the personal data of some of its customers which include names, addresses, Medicare numbers and phone numbers have been stolen in a cyber attack. 

That data includes first names and surnames, addresses, dates of birth, Medicare numbers, policy numbers, phone numbers and some claims data such as where the medical service was and the codes that related to their diagnosis and procedures.

The criminal claims to have stolen other information including data related to credit card security, which has not yet been verified by Medibank’s investigations.  

In an interview with Sky News Australia, shadow home affairs minister Karen Andrews noted that the recent cyber attack on health insurer Medibank is a “chilling reminder” to all Australian businesses and individuals of the “need to protect your data”. 

Medibank halted trading “until further notice” after hackers threatened to sell the private information of 1,000 customers they claimed had been stolen. 

The revelations come hours after Cyber Security Minister Clare O’Neil confirmed the matter had been referred to the Australian Federal Police and that Medibank was working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre and Australian Signals Directorate on the attack.

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